Friday, August 29, 2014

  Welcome ~ Bienvenidos


Thanks for your interest in Visiting our Page,
Gracias por su Interes de Visitar Nuestra Pagina 
Join us! ~ Acompañenos! 

6740 S. Santa Clara Ave.  Tucson, AZ  85756

(520) 294-1824  E-mail:

Sundays ~ Domingos:

          *10:00 am      "Traditional / Blended Service" 
           *11:30 am      "Servicio Contemporaneo Bilingue"
Tuesday ~ Martes: 
        *8 am to 12 pm  "Prayer Day ~ Dia de Oracion" (Pray as long as you want ~ Ora el tiempo que gustes)
Wednesday ~ Miercoles:      
          *6:00 pm  "Family Night" (potluck at 5:00pm)
        Pastor: Agustin Jimenez
 His Office hours are: Monday through  Thursday   8am to 2pm. 
Feel free to come chat! iPlatiquemos!
our mission statement:

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